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Company Policy

At Bio Garden, our unwavering dedication revolves around consistently ensuring the production and delivery of secure and premium food products. These products not only fulfill but exceed the discerning needs, expectations, and requisites of our esteemed customers. Our commitment lies in adhering rigorously to all pertinent statutory and regulatory prerequisites.

Our Food Safety Management System stands as a testament to our organizational standards and exemplifies our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Aligned with best practices, it reflects our adeptness and steadfastness. Our conformity extends to Lebanese Norms and ISO 22000:2018 requisites, forming the bedrock of our relentless enhancement endeavors and our resolute aim for customer contentment.

Each member of the Bio Garden team shoulders a pivotal responsibility in upholding our rigorous food safety criteria. Our workforce is individually entrusted with specific responsibilities and is provided with comprehensive training and resources to ensure the integrity and security of their tasks. We foster a culture of continual advancement wherein every employee is empowered to contribute significantly to our food safety aspirations.

The Senior Management of Bio Garden is firmly committed to driving continuous improvement within our food safety management system. Regular evaluations and audits attest to its efficiency. We foster associations with endorsed and/or certified external entities who undergo consistent evaluations, guaranteeing their alignment with our rigorous food safety benchmarks.

This food safety policy is accessible to all stakeholders and is effectively disseminated to our staff through comprehensive training sessions conducted by supervisors and department heads. We champion transparent communication, synergistic teamwork, and the propagation of a collective comprehension and commitment to upholding food safety protocols across our organization.