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Discover premium, homemade food products from our
organic farm made from fresh vegetables & high
quality selected ingredients
Nature made
Nature made
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About Us

Green Gardens Agro Industries established in 2019 during the economic collapse to empower society, we passed after that in difficult situation during corona spreading. The electricity and the diesel shortage, but we insist to grow. This factory started as a dream when I was a child helping my parents in doing zaatar mix and home jams. We aim to support our society by supporting formers and woman empowerment.

About Us

Our Values

GREEN GARDENS targets “Health- Conscious People” who are looking for a healthy Lifestyle and 100% Natural Products.

GREEN GARDENS targets “Health-Conscious People” who are looking for a healthy lifestyle and 100% nature made products

Our Products

All of our products are 100% Natural & made from high quality ingredients

  • Fresh Basil+ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    5.00 $

  • Sundried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper, garlic

    5.90 $

  • Green Olives, extra virgin olive oil, mustard,peanut,lemon juice

    2.80 $

  • Pure Peanut

    2.30 $




We are Certified by RBML Food Labs

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