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4 reviews for Black Seed Oil

  1. Amale Hassan Kamaleddine

    my kids loves it with Labne and salads 🙂 we also drink a spoon of black seed oil when having a common cold because trust me alleviate coughing. Excellent product has been godsend for my husband’s post-heart surgery journey has helped reduce inflamation and boost the inmuny system (under the recommendation & supervision of clinical Dietitian) your brand is trusted :)!

  2. Peter Habib

    Delicious 😋 and Aromatic beyond imagination! My wife drinks everyday a big table spoon has been helping her gum problem and also myself it’s a Just tasty! ❤️ *****

  3. Sarah

    I love it, it is delicious i take everyday one table spoon and with labneh sandwich😋😋😋

  4. Natalia Nehme

    Soo Pure and intense! The best 100% natural black seed oil and the best part its very affordable compared to the generous bottle

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