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5 reviews for Semi Sun Dried Tomatoes

  1. Amale Hassan Kamaleddine

    I have tried many brands but now This is absolutely my Favorite 🙂 brand of semi-sun dried tomatoes! A true flavor Bomb. Intense tomato flavor, brilliant red color and moist texture Super Delicious!…family loves it! in pizza, pasta, wraps, goat cheese, labne, salads, even cutting up & mixing into guacamole, Oh! it goes well with proteins too, I make use of the OLive Oil to give flavour to my dishes 🙂 simply Love it!

  2. Peter Habib

    I Love the Branding my wife is addicted ❤️ to Add Semidried tomatoes in all dishes specially canapes with friends over with wine and cheese.Reminded us of 🇮🇹 Italy but proud to have I made here 🇱🇧 and the price is soo affordable! I highly recommend *****!

  3. Sonia

    This brand is amazing, it became my favorite since I tried it and so proud to have such Lebanese high quality products. Highly recommended it.

  4. Sana

    So tasty I loved all the products especialy the tomato semi dried . It’s freash you cal smell, taste and enjoy. Thank you 💗

  5. Natalia Nehme

    Soo Delicious! Love it! THANK You Biogarden keep up the aromatic-taste freshness and high quality standard!

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