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4 reviews for Tomato Tapenade

  1. Lina

    In Love with the tomato tapenade the texture the sourness yummy.. thinking about it makes my mouth water 🤤 with crackers, in our cheese and wine nights, we also love it with raclette. Super recommended.

  2. Amale Hassan Kamaleddine

    Simply Divine! with its tangy and full-bodied Flavor and Aroma! my Son Loves it with Hommus at home we eat it with Labne and almost added to all my cooked meals LOVE IT 😍

  3. Natalia Nehme

    My everyday addiction! Love it with and in everything I eat! Keep it up! Love the brand my favourite <3

  4. Peter Habib

    This product is very delightful we feel like it’s from Italy proud its 100% Lebanese 🇱🇧 made at home we love it very 😋 delicious! Recommended

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