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7 thoughts on “Sun Dried Tomatoes

  1. I have tried many brands but now This is absolutely my Favorite 🙂 brand of semi-sun dried tomatoes! A true flavor Bomb. Intense tomato flavor, brilliant red color and moist texture Super Delicious!…family loves it! in pizza, pasta, wraps, goat cheese, labne, salads, even cutting up & mixing into guacamole, Oh! it goes well with proteins too, I make use of the Olive Oil to give flavor to my dishes 🙂 simply Love it!

  2. Absolutely amazed by the quality and taste. I’ve tried all of the products from Bio garden and without doubt my favorite product is the semi Sun Dried Tomato. It’s just amazing, the taste, texture. Can eat it with whatever comes to your mind. Sometimes i just open the jar and eat a couple of slices. Keep it up!!!!.

  3. Amazing product!!! I’ve tasted all your products. With no doubt, the semi Sun Dried Tomato is my favorite. The taste, texture and extra virgin oil it’s just another level. I use this product with whatever comes to my mind…. even just open the jar and eat it.
    Keep it up!!!!
    Products like this, is what we need.

  4. Amazing and very delicious products, I like this products they have special flavours, Tahini is my favorite and Tomato sauce is wonderful and delicious. I use this products in all dishes. They are high quality products. We wish you all the best and continuity
    Bio Garden

  5. Outstanding semidried tomatoes, freshness taste and the Oil has the best intense Aromatic taste to enjoy in salads yummy
    Love love love it

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